About us

Our Company

Poutine & Smoked Meat Tours is a product of our true passion for Quebec gastronomy. We are proud to share, every year, this passion with thousands of visitors from around the world.


Our Values

Montreal is a big city whose particular gastronomy has developed at an astonishing rate. We are therefore committed to taking you to certain hidden treasures of our magnificent city. Our guided tours will allow you to take in the unique culture and atmosphere of Montreal which is unique to North America.

See Montreal like the locals and visit the most popular addresses to make some new culinary discoveries!

What we have to offer

A hearty and decadent visit in the heart of the trendy Plateau Mont-Royal.

We offer you a typically ‘Québecois’ guided tour where Poutine and Smoked Meat are highlighted.

Traditional meals;

Creative content;

Passionate guides.

Our guided tours

Delve into our universe to discover the best addresses in town and find other interesting ideas and activities to fully take advantage of all that our beautiful metropolis has to offer.